SDWL Garments

SDWL has grown leaps and bound in the field of Garment Manufacturing by sheer dedication and teamwork

The Brand name given to it is Bee Red

Our principles for the new avenue

  • We take responsibility for QUALITY
  • We provide LEADERSHIP as a company and as individuals
  • We act with INTEGRITY in all we do
  • We value Mark One’s People
  • We regard our SUPPLIERS as essential team members

Our dynamism and the unflinching trust of our buyers ensured that we steadily grew to a full-fledged garment manufacturer. Right from our humble beginnings, we realized that to produce quality products and stick to delivery schedules, we have to keep pace with the changing times. That is why we have always looked at Technology as an area of Investment rather than Expenditure.

Major countries we cater to are India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Vietnam, Parts of America and Bangladesh. Our current manufacturing capacity is of 2 Lakhs pieces and it is totally exported. Our manufacturing is currently outsourced and we have plans to setup inhouse manufacturing units in the coming days. Also, we have plans to widespread our sale of Garments in the Domestic market.

SDWL is committed to not only meeting but also exceeding all customer requirements, thus ensuring a 100% quality target that is carried throughout each step of the manufacturing process. The end result leads to the satisfaction of every customer and enhanced the growth and success of the company.